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Providing protection in the industrial field with solutions such as plain and embossed polyethylene film, Ilka Hood, shrink film, eva bag, Ilka Ind contributes to the safe operation of your business with its flexible solutions.

Ilka Plast has a wide range of products such as stretch film, refrigerator bags, garbage bags, grocery bags and roll bags. Stretch films that extend the shelf life of your foods; freezer bags that allow you to safely store your food; puncture and tear resistant roll bags and grocery bags; It provides flexible solutions both in the industrial area and in the kitchen group with its durable, leak-proof and odor-proof garbage bags.

Ilka Pack made machinery and infrastructure investments to produce multi-layer films with different structures that appeal to the food preservation market. OPE Film, Lamination Film, Barrier Film, Compressing Film, Protection Film and Shrink Film production will be initiated by investing in 9-layer Barrier Pe Balloon Line and 5-layer OPE Balloon Line.




ILKA Plastik, which operates in the plastic packaging sector within the Kanık Group of Companies, was founded in Kocaeli in 1983. It continues to produce and deliver products needed in the plastic packaging sector and industrial area in its production and storage facilities of 20,000 square meters. ILKA develops its products, which it produces using the latest technology, according to the needs of the sector, and manages its processes with the policy of providing the best service to its customers.