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It is not possible to mention a single feature or structure for flexible packaging, which is designed to be compatible with the physical and chemical properties of the products to be packaged. The general features of flexible packaging, which vary according to the types of products to be packaged, can be listed as follows: Water Vapor Transmission Rate (WVTR), Gas Transmission Rate (OTR), Odor Transmission Rate, Light Transmission Rate, Surface Tension Compatibility (paint or chemical adhesion), resistance to oils, liquid resistance, tensile strength, tear strength, folding properties, impact resistance, puncture resistance, crystallization resistance, tear ease, adhesion properties, friction coefficient suitable for packaging speed. Ilka has the experience and technology to produce not only laminating films used in flexible packaging, but also many other structures. We are at the service of all our customers in the product range packaged with horizontal and vertical packaging.


  • For Frozen Foods; PE/PE, BOPET/PE printed and laminated
  • Frames for Coffee Packaging; BOPET/METPET/PE, BOPET/ALU/PE
  • Wet Wipes packaging; BOPET/PE
  • Detergent Packaging: PE/PE
  • All structures used for Biscuits and Confectionery; BOPP/BOPP, BOPP/CPP, BOPP/METBOPP,
  • Pasta and Legumes packaging; BOPP/CPP, BOPP/PE
  • Retort packaging; BOPET/CPP, BOPET/BOPA/CPP
  • Recycle package structures; PE/PE, MDO/PE, MDO/MDO
  • Pet food packaging; BOPET/ALU/PE, BOPET/METBOPET/PE
  • Chocolate and chocolate-coated product packaging; BOPP/METBOPP, BOPET/METBOPP, BOPP/BOPP