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İLKA PLASTIC 'HR policy has been created with the awareness that the most valuable capital that will carry an institution to the future is human resources.

  • Using contemporary human resources practices based on success
  • Ensuring continuous development of the employees by investing in the competencies and all kinds of skills that can be developed.
  • Creating highly motivated employees that will provide competitive advantage
  • Making KANIK GROUP OF COMPANIES a big family with preferred, happy and connected employees.
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ILKA Plastıc realizes its commercial activities by contributing to the society with the awareness of its social responsibilities, by realizing works aiming for the environment and protection of nature, and by fully complying with the laws, work ethics rules, and human rights and by considering that commercial activities are not only related with the company but that they also have impact on the region lived in and on the civil society institutions and public sector, by acting in collaboration with all of its stakeholders.



The purpose of this regulation is to establish a culture of business ethics, to determine the ethical rules of conduct that employees must comply with while carrying out their duties, to assist them in conducting them in accordance with these rules, to ensure that the rules determined in the performance of the duties are followed and to regulate the rules and procedures of application to work ethics committee.


All Kanık Group Companies employees


A. Honesty

Accuracy, honesty, transparency and high business ethics are priority values in all business processes and relationships, and all parties involved are expected to act in accordance with the same values.

B. Confidentiality

Confidential information is defined as "financial, strategic, technical, commercial, personnel’s personal rights, confidentiality subjects within context of agreements made with third parties and similar information that belong to the company and are not known to third parties, and which may cause harm to the company and / or its stakeholders or which may provide benefit to others if they are known."

In the content mentioned above, it is expected from group employees to protect the information about the company, customer or supplier, sales, purchase prices, numbers, market share, technical information about the products, wage information, photographs, technical writings and documents and to use them only for company purposes. Employees are expected to protect the media (paper, CD, removable memory, etc.) containing this information and not to share company information with third parties without the permission of the Management. Group employees may use this information only within their authority and for the benefit of the company.

Employees who leave the group are also not expected to share confidential information with third parties as the case when they were employees. Employees of the Group are required to deliver any confidential or electronic copy documents belonging to the company which they have received during their working period.

Employees joining the Group shall not share confidential information about their previous employers within the Group. A new staff member should not be employed in a position where he may disclose or improperly use information relating with his former employer.

Basic values

  • Being Change Oriented
  • Being Wholeheartedly Connected
  • Understanding each other
  • Being Effective Leaders
  • Working Together
  • Honest and Respectful


It is aimed to create a reliable working environment that respects human rights by not discriminating, with the awareness that employees are İLKA's most important assets.

Equality of opportunity is one of the fundamental principles of İLKA and no discrimination based on race, religion, language or gender is allowed in parallel with this principle. On the contrary, it is believed that these differences are an opportunity to provide competitive advantage, by being proud of the diversity available. The equal opportunity principle is not only the basis for recruitment processes, but it is also the basis for all HR practices such as promotion, transfer, termination of employment, annual leave, compensation and training.