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Ilka Plastik, one of the leaders in the polymer industry, manages the development of new products, the improvement of existing products and processes, under the roof of Ilka Research and Development Department. Since R&D Department of Ilka aiming to grow every year, will provide innovative developments in line with national and international quality standards that will take place in the global competition.

Why R&D?

Ilka Plastik has adopted the principle of improving existing products and processes, developing new products and growing through new technologies in line with Industry 4.0. Especially in the last 5 years, it prioritizes to customer satisfaction, with its efforts to increase the product range and production capacity. Ilka Plastik has adopted the principle of conducting domestic and national researches by establishing R&D system with the zero-waste approach in line with the development of technology and the increasing and changing needs.

Improvement of existing products

Ilka R&D Department, which takes into account the feedback received in regard with the use and process performance of products, analyzes the notifications made in order to improve the performance of existing products, provide added value by minimizing the number of rejects and returns, eliminate identified problems, conducts research, development and design studies to improve existing products.

Development of new products

Ilka R&D Department, while determining the strategy processes with reference to global market research studies, conducts research, development and design for new products to be added to its product portfolio.

Process optimization

Ilka R&D Department follows new technologies and production methods through various means and techniques such as universities, seminars, exhibitions, technical cooperation, training, consultancy, etc., Ilka Research and Development conducts research, development and design studies, including machine design and production, with the aim of reducing costs, increasing productivity and providing a sustainable competitive advantage over global competitors at every stage of production processes, especially in core business.

Studies Performed by Ilka Research and Development Department

  • Flexible packaging film structure development
  • Improvement of existing products
  • Formula development
  • Design and development of special machines/equipment
  • Process improvement
  • Production of prototypes
  • Trial production
  • Test and laboratory studies
  • Continuous improvement
  • Patent Research
  • Preparation of cost analysis and feasibility studies
  • Reporting and documentation

Research and Development Targets of Ilka

  • Expansion of research activities
  • Increase the number of scientific articles / publications
  • Increase export and localization by adopting the idea of ​​nationalization
  • Contribute to the protection of the environment by carrying out activities to create awareness in society about zero waste production
  • Increasing the number of co-projects with universities and industry
  • Increasing employment by combining academic and industry experience by increasing the number and competencies of R&D personnel
  • Expanding cooperation with national and international institutions and organizations in the field of R&D
  • Increasing the number of test equipment in the research laboratory and the creation of a fully equipped laboratory
  • To grow the team both in academical and technical manner
  • Contributing to both the Turkish economy and to our ecosystem by developing products where recycled raw materials can be used more.
  • To be an accredited TSE laboratory and assist other companies with laboratory support.
  • To be an industry leader in Turkey, to be a globally recognized brand and to serve as an example for national and international competitors

During the production of plastic packaging of food contact and non-contact materials, İlka acts with a process-oriented management approach by renewing its technology, ensuring the full participation and development of its employees. It adopts total quality management with its quality certificates.