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ILKA Plastik, which operates in the plastic packaging sector within the Kanık Group of Companies, was founded in Kocaeli in 1983. It continues to produce and deliver products needed in the plastic packaging sector and industrial area in its production and storage facilities of 20,000 square meters. ILKA develops its products, which it produces using the latest technology, according to the needs of the sector, and manages its processes with the policy of providing the best service to its customers. Adopting international standards, ILKA Plastik has been offering quality and trust to its customers for years and meets the needs of its customers with its high-performance products.

ILKA, one of the leading companies in the plastics industry, has a wide range of activities in the industrial field with its products such as lamination films, shrink film, stretch hood, industrial polyethylene films, industrial PVC stretch films. ILKA also manufactures all kinds and sizes of printed and unprinted, low and high density polyethylene bags, shopping bags, waste bags, medical waste bags and refrigerator bags ILKA, which has BRCS Packaging and Packaging Materials and ISO 9001/14001/22000/45001/27001/50001 Quality Management Systems Certificates and has adopted the principle of keeping the product and service quality at the highest level, aims to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction, like other institutions within the Kanık Group of Companies.


The company has adopted the mission of ensuring sustainable competition with its strong, reliable and high quality products, contributing to the country's economy and creating a new breath in the plastics industry by transforming its earnings into investments with its social and environmental values.


It has adopted the vision of being a leader in the country and a well-known brand worldwide, providing the best service in the plastics industry in terms of quality, cost and service.